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"Proposal for the Expansion of Impact Investing 2019: Executive Summary" is now available in English: 「日本におけるインパクト投資の現状2019」の英語版を公開しました。

02 Aug 2020  

(English follows Japanese)

Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG)国内諮問委員会(以下、GSG国内諮問委員会)が、4月20日に公開いたしました「インパクト投資拡大に向けた提言書2019(キービジュアル集)」の英語版を本日、公開いたしました。


The executive summary of the “Proposal for the Expansion of Impact Investing 2019” published by the GSG-NAB Japan is now available in English.

The report summarizes the changes in domestic and global environment surrounding impact investing over the last five years and proposes key actions required for further expansion of the market in Japan

The report explores key initiatives currently undertaken by the key players in Japan, emerging impact investing ecosystem, key challenges, and proposes eight key actions required for various entities/sectors in Japan to push the agenda forward.

The report is available from here

This report is English translation of the executive summary of the full report (only in Japanese) which was published as a sequel to the “Proposal for the Expansion of Impact Investing 2015”.

The GSG-NAB Japan also publishes English version of “The Current State of Impact Investing in Japan 2019” that summarizes the current size of impact investing market in Japan