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Our Activities

GSG-NAB Japan is engaged in a variety of activities to promote impact investing in Japan. Our activities revolve around three pillars: research and publication, awareness-raising, and networking.

Research and Publication

GSG-NAB Japan generates knowledge on impact investing through publications of reports/proposals, as well as translation of overseas reports on impact investing. It also initiates stakeholder-specific workshops or working groups to foster discussions and deepen understanding on impact investing among key stakeholders.

PublicationsVIEW MORE

  • Annually publishes “The Current State of Impact Investing in Japan,” a research report on the size and status of the domestic impact investing market.

  • Publishes “Proposal for the Expansion of Impact Investing,” a report that outlines issues and recommendations including action plans, to further promote impact investing in Japan.

  • Translates materials including the latest research reports and literatures published by overseas network organizations.

Impact Investing Roundtable co-hosted by Japanese FSA

GSG-NAB Japan hosts and/or co-hosts stakeholder-specific workshops. Together with the Financial Services Agency, since June 2020, we’ve been co-hosting “Impact Investing Roundtable,” a workshop for financial market stakeholders and government officials to discuss significance and issues in promoting impact investing in Japan.

Impact Investing Roundtable

Research on Impact Measurement and Management

GSG-NAB Japan organizes a variety of working groups to explore issues addressed by capital markets and makes recommendations to further promote impact investing. Our ad-hoc woring groups also engage in policy advocaty works to push key policy agenda in line with the timing of major international conferences.

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