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Our Activities

GSG-NAB Japan is engaged in a variety of activities to promote impact investing in Japan. Our activities revolve around three pillars: research and publication, awareness-raising, and networking.


GSG-NAB Japan hosts various forums and seminars to raise awareness of impact investing and provide opportunities for networking and knowledge exchanges with a wide range of stakeholders in Japan. It also shares the latest information on impact investing through our website and SNS.

Forums and Seminars

Impact Investment Forum (IIF)

We host annual forum to raise awareness on impact investing and to further promote eco-system building in Japan. The forum introduces latest trends and case stories from Japan and overseas and exchange knowledges shared by diverse stakeholders from financial market, central and local government, and social sector.

Impact Investing Forum 2019 (Japanese only)

Impact Investing Forum 2018 (Japanese only)


We provide various types of seminars tor those who are interested in and practicing impact investing to build networks while learning the latest trends, methods and knowledge of impact investing.

Impact Investing online seminars (Japanese only, External link)

Communications and Community Building

GSG-NAB Japan provides information on impact investing via website and SNS and fosters online community via Facebook group.

  • Facebook Page

    Our Facebook page provides a variety of information including news and information about events and seminars on impact investing.

    Facebook page
  • Facebook Group

    Our Facebook group provides an online community where people interested in and practicing impact investing can share information and ideas.

    Facebook group
  • YouTube Channel

    Our Youtube channel provides various videos covering the lectures shared at seminars/events or instructional videos on impact investing.


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