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Our Activities

GSG-NAB Japan is engaged in a variety of activities to promote impact investing in Japan. Our activities revolve around three pillars: research and publication, awareness-raising, and networking.


Impact Investing Roundtable co-hosted with the Financial Services Agency

Since June 2020, GSG-NAB Japan and Financial Services Agency of Japan have been co-hosting “Impact Investing Roundtable,” a workshop for financial market stakeholders and government officials on bi-monthly basis.

The roundtable aims to deepen the understanding of financial market stakeholders and government officials on impact investing, identify the significance and challenges of promoting impact investing to solve social issues in Japan and beyond, and to discuss how the promotion should be contributing to the overall sustainable development of the financial industry in Japan.

The agenda primarily focuses on key issues that are pertinent to financial institutions as investors and discusses how to build the ecosystem around it. Key agenda include: definition of impact investing, social impact measurement, relationship between impact and return, securing appropriate exit options, and positioning as an asset class.


Chairman Takeshi Mizuguchi, President and Professor of the Faculty of Economics of the Takasaki City University of Economics
Vice Chairman Satoshi Ikeda, the Chief Sustainable Finance Officer of Financial Services Agency
Members More than 30 people from financial institutions, government agencies, international cooperation agencies, academic institutions, and the social sector participate as regular members.
The members of “Impact Investing Roundtable"
Observers Cabinet Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Ministry of Finance of Japan, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Ministry of the Environment
Secretariat Social Innovation and Investment Foundation (SIIF))
Organizers Financial Services Agency and GSG-NAB Japan

Main Topics (tentative)

  • Social impact measurement and impact management
  • Impact investing for startups
  • Impact investing through listed company stocks and bonds
  • Impact investing through loans and community finance, etc

Participants’ Comment

  • Mr. Eiichiro Adachi, Counselor, The Japan Research Institute, Limited

    Our common understanding of “finance” is drastically changing now. The capital has always been evaluated by two dimensions of “risk and return”; but now, people started asking “to whom” or “for what” such capital is being invested and what kind of outcome such capital will be generating at the end. Impact investing is one of the ways to answer such questions. I trust that this roundtable will surely serve as an opportunity for us to deepen our understanding of such a trend surrounding impact investing.

  • Dr. Yasuyuki Kato, Professor, Kyoto University and Chairman of ESG Study Group at Kyoto University

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the focus of capitalism is now shifting to stress on social value. Under such circumstances, we hope that impact investing will be supported by many more investors and will contribute to the revitalization of Japan’s economy. There was a lot of valuable discussions and comments shared at today’s roundtable and, moving forward, I hope that this roundtable will act as the power to push the impact investing forward.

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